The technique of Ruggero Rugarli

For all of his street pictures, Ruggero Rugarli relied on his loyal Leica M3, then switched to a Reflex R5 in the 70's.
The simplicity of the 50mm lens and the high sensitivity films would allow him to merge easily in the crowd and avoid using the flash.

Black and white adds to the impressive framing precision. Each picture is the result of only one shot reflecting the absolute exactness of the photographer's eye.

Also, Ruggero Rugarli hardly ever cropped his pictures while printing the negatives.

New York City street photography #33 NYC street photography Café Wha ? NYC street photography coiffures
New York City #33
June 1964
Café Wha ?
June 1964
Hair Style
June 1964
New York City street photography #41 New York street photography places assises New York street photography Marilyn
New York City #41
June 1964
Seated places
December 1968
May 1966
New York street photography : robe à pois New York street photography  : c'est magnifique New York street photography : vue !
Polka dot dress
June 1964
It's wonderful
June 1971
June 1964