The New York Street photographer Ruggero Rugarli

Ruggero Rugarli (1926-2005) practiced his photography skills while traveling for work around the world: Russia, India, Europe, Japan, Australia and North America.

New York was his favorite city. He traveled there 12 times between 1960 and 1976. In 1968 only he was in town 5 times. During each visit, Ruggero would stroll for a few hours, with his Leica at hand.

His culture and photographic technique inspired by the greatest photographers of his time led him to the "Street Photography" approach. Ruggero Rugarli would then combine poetry with humanism in a unique way to immortalize scenes in black and white.

"Rugarli captures this time in white and black, playing with the light and shadows of the New York streets... with the extraordinary and unique skill to marry sensitivity and curiosity" Massimo Nava, New York soul, the American Dream.

Ruggero Rugarli in New York, 1964

Ruggero Rugarli in New York with his Leica, 1964