New York pictures in limited edition

The complete "New York Instantané" collection is exhibited on the ARTtrust® website and the pictures are available as limited edition.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

new york urban cliché : telephones

It is essential to guarantee that a piece of work is genuine - that it is part of a limited series and is not a reproduction.

Thanks to ARTtrust, you can now check the authenticity of a piece of artwork at your own convenience instead of relying on the seller's word only.

ARTtrust is a unique concept that gives an identity to each print of an edition or to a unique work regardless of the production mode.

Its highly secured self-certification system was designed for buyers to ensure of the authenticity of the purchased piece through 3 Bubble Tag™ irreproducible and tamper evident: a silver seal for the piece of work, a golden seal for the certificate of authenticity and a blue seal for the artist to keep.

The website allows the buyers to check the certification of the artworks and find their origin.