Guestbook of the New York photo exhibition


« Rugarli captures his time in black and white, playing with the light and shadows of the New York streets, with the dreams and disillusions of its neighborhoods. » Massimo Nava, New York soul, the American dream.

« The New York Instantané exhibition gathers more than 60 pictures which teach and move you, make you smile or wonder. We wish for this exhibition to travel a lot, and for the New Yorkers to be able to discover it soon. » Natacha de Vion,

Exhibition guest book

« It's wonderful! What a talent! » S.C. Paris

« Wonderful, moving, NYC as we love it! » C.G. Paris

« Congratulation for this poetic, sensitive and modern exhibition! Humor is really timeless... » A.C. de S. Paris

« Nos ha gustado mucho! It's wonderful! » C.A. Madrid

« Nice work and a thoughtful presentation. Thanks for your interesting conversation , too !» S.D. Pittsburgh

« Humor excludes neither quality nor lucidity » F.R. Paris

« In un istante l'occhio ha fermato un pensiero, un' emozione, una suggestione » F.B. Milano

« Ruggero Rugarli captures the instant and immortalizes it, printing a look..., a soul..., a life... » J.S. Paris

« Congratulations! Cartier Bresson said: Stolen moments, given moments... » S.L. Paris

« NYC seen by a very imaginative Italian, it's a pleasure! » T.M. Sceaux

« Awesome !! Thanks !» A. USA

« Wonderful exhibition of a photographer who deserves to be known» N.L. Paris